About the security content of Apple TV 7.0.1

This document describes the security content of Apple TV 7.0.1.

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Apple TV 7.0.1

  • Apple TV

    Available for: Apple TV 3rd generation and later

    Impact: A malicious Bluetooth input device may bypass pairing

    Description: Unencrypted connections were permitted from Human Interface Device-class Bluetooth Low Energy accessories. If a device had paired with such an accessory, an attacker could spoof the legitimate accessory to establish a connection. The issue was addressed by denying unencrypted HID connections.


    CVE-2014-4428 : Mike Ryan of iSEC Partners

  • Apple TV

    Available for: Apple TV 3rd generation and later

    Impact: An attacker may be able to decrypt data protected by SSL

    Description: There are known attacks on the confidentiality of SSL 3.0 when a cipher suite uses a block cipher in CBC mode. An attacker could force the use of SSL 3.0, even when the server would support a better TLS version, by blocking TLS 1.0 and higher connection attempts. This issue was addressed by disabling CBC cipher suites when TLS connection attempts fail.


    CVE-2014-3566 : Bodo Moeller, Thai Duong, and Krzysztof Kotowicz of Google Security Team

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