graphical overview

When you first open AirPort Utility, it shows a graphical overview of your Wi-Fi network and any devices connected to it.

The graphical overview, showing two AirPort Express base stations and an AirPort Time Capsule connected to the Internet.

The base station’s name and status are shown in the graphical overview. You can identify the base station’s status by the color of the dot next to it:

  • A solid green dot indicates that the base station is connected to the network and working properly.

  • A solid amber dot indicates that the base station is starting up.

  • A flashing amber dot indicates that the base station can’t establish a connection to the network or the Internet or is encountering a problem; in many cases, AirPort Utility provides a status message.

  • A dot that flashes amber and green indicates that there may be a problem starting up.

To get more information about a base station, hold your mouse over it. The pop-up menu that appears provides information about the base station.

If there’s a status message associated with a base station, a red badge appears to the right of the base station name.

To view status messages, click the base station.

A badge status message.

If you want to modify a base station’s settings, select the base station and enter its password (if it’s required).