macOS High Sierra

What’s new in VoiceOver

VoiceOver in macOS High Sierra offers new features to give you greater control while using a Mac.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  • Enhanced multilingual support. If VoiceOver detects that a language has been associated with text that it’s reading, it automatically switches to another voice and reads the text in that language. You can choose and customize the voice that VoiceOver uses for a specific language in VoiceOver Utility. For example, if you add the French language and customize a voice for it, VoiceOver will use that French voice to read any text that has been tagged as French for screen readers.

  • Image descriptions. Press VO-Shift-L to have VoiceOver describe text that appears in an image, even if the image isn’t annotated. VoiceOver can also tell you whether a photo contains a tree, a dog, or four faces with smiles.

  • Improved Grade 2 Braille experience. VoiceOver provides a more seamless Braille experience when you enter and edit text using Grade 2 Braille. For example, the Braille display shows the context of what you’re typing and, when you edit, text isn’t translated back into Grade 1 Braille.

  • Improved web and email navigation. VoiceOver provides more consistent and reliable navigation of webpages in Safari. VoiceOver better supports navigating tables in richly formatted messages in Mail.

  • Improved PDF accessibility. VoiceOver provides better support for reading tables, lists, and forms in tagged PDF documents.