iBooks: Invalid URI errors

A uniform resource identifier (URI) describes a file’s name and location, similar to a URL for a website. If you see an invalid URI error in your EPUB, it means that one or more of the characters in the identifier isn't recognized as valid. All characters in the URI must be alphanumeric.

For example, if the book contains a URI with blank spaces, such as "manifest the file.xhtml," you would get this error: ERROR ITMS-9000:"Invalid URI in manifest the file.xhtml: Illegal character in path at index 3: the file.xhtml.

This error indicates that there are invalid characters (in this example, blank spaces) in the identifier.

  1. To resolve this issue, unzip your EPUB and locate the URI described in the error message. It may be in the OPF or another content folder.
  2. After you locate the invalid URI, remove any spaces or non-alphanumeric characters from the file names. You could fix the above example by encoding the space character: manifest%20the%20file.xhtml.
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