Set up WebDAV sharing for Active Directory accounts for OS X Server 4.1.5 and earlier

Learn about configuring WebDAV sharing for Active Directory accounts for OS X Server 4.1.5 and earlier.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

OS X Server's WebDAV Sharing feature uses HTTP Digest authentication by default to secure access to share points and home directories from iWork apps on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. On OS X Server 4.1.5 and earlier, this authentication method does not support user accounts defined in Active Directory. This article describes how to enable Basic authentication over SSL to support these users.

To configure WebDAV Sharing for such users, follow these instructions before enabling any WebDAV share points.

The instructions in this article include editing configuration files. In OS X Server (Mavericks and Mountain Lion) the files are stored in the /Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/ directory. In Lion Server they are stored in the /etc/apache2/ directory. When editing these files, follow the guidelines in this article. You must have root access to edit them. You should make a backup copy of each file prior to editing it.

Set up WebDav Sharing for Active Directory

  1. Stop the File Sharing service in Server app.
  2. Optional, but highly recommended: Acquire and install a trusted SSL certificate, and use Server app to configure Web Service to use the certificate. You can use the server's default, self-signed certificate for WebDAV Sharing, but iWork apps in iOS may warn that the certificate is "invalid".
  3. Edit httpd_webdavsharing.conf.
    1. Find this line: AuthType Digest
    2. Change Digest to Basic. This makes WebDAV Sharing use Basic authentication, which is required for Active Directory users.
  4. Edit webapps/
    1. Find these lines:
    2. Change the 0 to 1. This makes WebDAV Sharing require SSL, which is the only secure way to use Basic authentication.
  5. Advise users to configure the iWork clients on their iOS devices with an "https" WebDAV URL, such as:
  6. Start the File Sharing service in Server app.
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