Add a GarageBand song to your Clips video

In the latest version of the Clips app, add your own soundtracks to videos on your iPhone or iPad. Just create a song with GarageBand for iOS, then follow the steps in this article.

Share your GarageBand song to Clips

First, share your GarageBand song to Clips.

  1. Open GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad. Then find the song you want to use from the My Songs browser.

  2. Tap Select in the My Songs browser, tap the song that you want to use, then tap the Share buttonNo alt supplied for Image.

  3. Tap Song on the Share Song screen.

  4. Choose the song’s audio quality, enter song information, then tap Share.

  5. Tap Copy to Clips in the sharing window. GarageBand exports the song to Clips, and Clips opens automatically.

Add the song in Clips

Next, add your song to a new or existing Clips project.

  1. To create a new video, tap Create New. To add the song to an existing video, tap the project.

  2. In the Music window, tap the Play buttonNo alt supplied for Image to preview the song. If you like it, tap Done. If you don’t like it, tap Delete next to Imported Audio. If you decide you want to use the song after deleting it, share it from GarageBand again.

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  3. If you’re adding the song to a new video, record a new video clip. If you're adding the song to an existing video, skip this step.

  4. Tap the Play buttonNo alt supplied for Image to hear the song with your video. The GarageBand song automatically plays back with your video, and trims the song depending on the length of the video.

  5. If you want to hear the GarageBand song only, and not the audio recorded along with your video, tap the clip in the timeline, then tap the Mute buttonNo alt supplied for Image. If you have more than one clip in the timeline, mute each clip individually.

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