macOS High Sierra

New and changed VoiceOver commands

VoiceOver in macOS High Sierra includes new and changed commands. VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

Note: When VoiceOver is on, you can enter VoiceOver commands by using the Fn and number keys with the VoiceOver modifier, as an alternative to using the function keys (F1 through F12). For example, to open VoiceOver Utility you can press Control-Option-Fn-8 (instead of Control-Option-F8).

If you use the function keys (F1 through F12), you may need to press and hold the Fn key, depending on how you set the behavior of function keys in Keyboard preferences.

New commands


Describe text that appears in an image (even if the image hasn’t been annotated)

VO-Shift-Left Arrow or Right Arrow

If Quick Nav is enabled, press Shift-Right Arrow or Left Arrow.

Navigate without automatically interacting with a group on a webpage

Changed commands

VO-Command-Left Arrow or Right Arrow

Cycle through navigation settings (such as words or characters) in the rotor

VO-Command-Shift-Left Arrow or Right Arrow

Cycle through speech settings (such as voice, rate, or pitch) in the rotor

VO-Command-Shift-Up Arrow or Down Arrow

Increase or decrease the current speech setting (such as voice, rate, or pitch) in the rotor