Understand and control the personal information that you store with Apple

As part of our commitment to your privacy, we make it easy to review and take control of the data that you store with Apple.

Data and privacy tools

Sign in with your Apple ID at privacy.apple.com to access privacy management tools on your Data and Privacy page.

This set of self-service tools is available to customers in over 240 countries and regions around the world and includes options to:

  • Get a copy of the data that you store with Apple that's associated with your Apple ID. For EU-based users, you can schedule a one-time or recurring request for certain data (including App Store information and app install activity).

  • Deactivate your Apple ID temporarily.

  • Delete your Apple ID — and the data associated with it — permanently.

  • Request a correction to your personal data.

  • Transfer a copy of your data to another service.

  • Learn about the types of data that Apple collects.

Data and privacy statements

To ensure that we’re meeting our own high standards to protect the data we store on your behalf, we conduct comprehensive reviews of the instances where we collect and hold your data. As a result, Apple products include data and privacy statements that make it easy to understand how Apple uses your personal information.

We show you these statements before you sign in with your Apple ID or turn on any new features that use your data. This information is also available at apple.com/legal/privacy/data.

We’re proud of our commitment to privacy and will continue to apply our industry-leading, privacy-by-design standard to ensure that great experiences don’t come at the expense of your privacy and security.

For more information, visit apple.com/privacy.

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