Get a fapiao for iCloud Storage purchases in China mainland

Learn about fapiao for iCloud Storage purchases.

How to get a fapiao

Go to your email receipt for the iCloud Storage purchase and click the fapiao link.

Only purchases made after February 28, 2018, are eligible for fapiao. If you purchased iCloud Storage before February 28, 2018, then the purchase isn't eligible for fapaio, and your receipt won't contain a fapiao link. If your purchase is eligible and you can't find the link, contact support for help.

If you need a refund fapiao

If you get a refund and already have a fapiao for your original purchase, you don't need to do anything else. Once your refund is processed, the red-font fapiao generates automatically and sends to your original email address.

If your fapiao amount is incorrect or your purchase is ineligible

Purchases with store credit or gift cards aren't eligible for a fapiao. If you paid for part of the purchase with a gift card or store credit, your fapiao might show a different amount than the total purchase amount.

If you can't find your purchase on the fapiao portal

Contact support for help.

iCloud is an Apple service. iCloud in China mainland is operated by GCBD (AIPO Cloud (Guizhou) Technology Co. Ltd).
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