Use third-party cloud apps in the Files app

You can add your third-party cloud services — like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and more — to the Files app so that you can access all of your files on all of your devices.

How to add third-party cloud storage apps to the Files app

  1. Download and set up the third-party cloud app, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

  2. Open the Files app.

  3. Tap the Browse tab.

  4. Tap the More buttonMore button, then tap Edit.

  5. Turn on the third-party apps that you want to use in the Files app.

  6. Tap Done.

  7. If you don't see one of your third-party cloud services in the Files app, check with your cloud provider.

Move files from a third-party cloud app in the Files app

  1. In the Files app, find the third-party file that you want to move.

  2. Touch and hold on the file until a menu appears, then tap Move.

  3. Choose the folder that you want to move your file to.

  4. Tap Copy.

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