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Re-enable Device Enrollment settings for Profile Manager

After you agree to updated terms, Device Enrollment Settings for Profile Manager must be re-enabled in the Server app.

Apple periodically updates the terms and conditions for Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, the Device Enrollment Program, and software license agreements. When new terms are available, an administrator must accept the new agreements, then re-enable appropriate settings in the Server app. After you enable the settings, you can assign new devices to Profile Manager and view them in the Admin Portal.

Accept updated agreements

  1. Sign in to Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, or the Device Enrollment Program.

  2. Review the updated agreements when prompted.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of each agreement, then click Accept.

Re-enable Device Enrollment settings

  1. Open the Server app. If prompted, provide your server administrator credentials.

  2. Select Profile Manager in the sidebar.

  3. Select the checkbox for the program that your organization uses.

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