macOS High Sierra

Navigate app windows using window spots

You can quickly navigate app windows using window spots. VoiceOver automatically creates a set of window spots for an app window, based on its design, and lists them in the Rotor. Window spots include key areas of an app window, such as a search field or sidebar.

You can create your own window spots to mark the buttons or areas in a window that you use most often.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  • To see a list of window spots for the current app window, press VO-U to open the Rotor, then press the Left or Right arrow key until you hear Window Spots.

  • To create a window spot for the item that has focus, press VO-Command-Shift-}. You can create an unlimited number of window spots for an app window. Your most recently used window spot appears first in the list of window spots in the Rotor.

  • To remove a window spot you created, press VO-Command-Shift-{.

If the design of an app window changes significantly and VoiceOver can’t locate a window spot that previously existed on the page, it creates a new one that closely matches the original one.