macOS High Sierra

General preferences

Use the General pane of Switch Control Accessibility System Preferences to enable Switch Control and open the Panel Editor.

To open this pane, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, click Switch Control, then click General.

Open the Switch Control pane for me

Enable Switch Control

Turn on Switch Control to display the Switch Control Home Panel.

To turn Switch Control off, deselect the checkbox or close the Switch Control Home Panel. If the Close button isn’t shown in the upper left corner of the Home Panel, move the pointer to the corner so the button appears.

Hide panel after inactivity

Hide the Switch Control panel after the specified period of inactivity, up to 60 seconds. To show the panel again, press any switch.

This option is useful when you don’t need the panel for awhile, as when watching a movie.

Open Panel Editor

Create panels to add to Custom in the Switch Control Home Panel, or to share with others.