Work with photos in Clips on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

You can add photos to your video, and bring them to life by panning and zooming them.

You can take a photo using Clips, or you can choose one from your Photos library. You can also record video clips and combine them with photos to create a video montage.

Open or create a video

  1. Find and open Clips*. The last video you worked on automatically opens.
  2. To create a new video, tap  in the upper-left corner, then tap . To open a saved video, swipe to see your saved videos, tap the video, then tap Open.

* Can't find the Clips app? From your Home screen, swipe right until a screen appears with a Search bar at the top, then enter Clips in the Search bar. Still don't see the app? Download Clips from the App Store.


Take a photo or choose one from your library

The camera functions are conveniently located right above the record button:

  •  Turn the LED flash on your iPhone or iPod touch on or off.
  •  Take a photo that you can add to your video
  •  Flip between your main camera and your selfie camera.

To choose a photo from your Photos library, tap Library, then tap the photo you want to add to your video. When you're ready, press and hold the record button to add it to the video that you're making.


Add, pan, and zoom the photo

  1. Touch and hold  for the length of time you want the photo to appear in the video. Or, swipe up on the record button to lock it on.
  2. Pinch and drag the image in the screen to move the photo. Clips records the movements into your video, and automatically optimizes them to look smooth.
  3. To stop, let go of the record button. If the record button is locked, tap it. The photo is added to the timeline at the bottom of the screen. If you added a photo to a video that has clips in it already, the photo is added after any other clips.
  4. To preview the photo, tap 
  5. If you want to change the duration of the photo, you can trim the clip:
    • Tap the photo in the timeline, then tap 
    • Drag the start and end markers to set the beginning and end of the clip.
    • Tap Apply
  6. If you want to remove the photo from the timeline, select the photo in the timeline at the bottom of the screen, then tap .

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