Health and Fitness

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Start your fitness and wellness journey with Apple Watch.

Set your goals and reach them

Find out how to track your progress, customise your metrics and get better results.

Track all the ways you're active

Workout types

Choose the option that best matches what you're doing, so you get accurate credit.

Close your rings

Your Activity rings tell you how much you move, exercise and stand every day.

Go for a run

Find out how to start your run, check your progress and choose which metrics to track.

Go for a swim

Measure your laps in a pool or your distance in open water, and get better results.

Connect, share and track your progress

Share with friends

Encourage each other to close all three rings, set up competitions and track your daily progress.

View your trends

See your trends over time in the Fitness app so you can make sure you're on track.

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