If you can't remove a payment method from your Apple ID

If you have subscriptions, use purchase sharing, or have an unpaid balance, you must keep at least one payment method on file.

If you're trying to remove your payment method because you don't recognize a charge, see why you were charged.

See if you have a subscription

To see your subscriptions on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, tap your name, then tap Subscriptions. If you have any active subscriptions, including iCloud+, you must have a payment method on file.

If you want to remove all payment methods, you can cancel your iCloud+ plan* and cancel other subscriptions from Apple. When your subscription period is over, try to remove your payment method again.

*Before you cancel your iCloud+ plan, use a Mac or PC to back up your devices.

Turn off purchase sharing

If you're in a Family Sharing group and you use purchase sharing, the family organizer must have a payment method on file. If you're the family organizer, turn off purchase sharing, then try to remove the payment method again.

Pay an unpaid balance

Learn how to pay an unpaid balance or fix payment method issues.

After the balance is paid, you can remove your payment method.

Get more help

If you still can't remove a payment method, contact Apple Support.

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