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Today is your feed of top stories curated by Apple News editors, and stories from the channels and topics you follow, such as sports and local news. Your feed also displays stories suggested by Siri and trending stories that are popular with other readers. While you're reading, Apple News will learn your interests and then suggest stories you may like.

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On your iPhone, the Following tab displays all of the topics and channels that you're following and suggestions from Siri based on what you read. Here, you can also see your reading history, access your previously saved stories and see all of your Favourites. On your iPad or Mac, all of these options appear in the sidebar.


  • On your iPhone, select the Following tab. Then, select the search field at the top of the screen.
  • On your iPad or Mac, select the search field at the top of the sidebar.

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Browse Top Stories, Trending Stories and more in the Today feed. Then, select the story that you want to read.

A news story from the Wall Street Journal


  • On your iPhone or iPad, open a story and select the More button . Then, select the Share button  to send the story to someone. 
  • On your Mac, open a story, then select the Share button  at the top of the screen.


On your iPhone, iPad or Mac, select the Save button  at the top of the screen to save the story for later. You can find your saved stories in the Following tab on your iPhone or in the sidebar on your iPad or Mac.

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  • On your iPhone, select the More button . Then, select the Text Size button  to adjust the font size.
  • On your iPad, select the Text Size button  to adjust the font size.
  • On your Mac, select View in the menu bar. Then, press and hold the Option key on your keyboard and choose Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller.
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