Apple USB Modem: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Get answers to frequently ask questions about the Apple USB modem.

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What Macintosh computers are compatible with the Apple USB modem?

The Apple USB modem requires Mac OS X v10.4.3 through Mac OS X v10.6.8 running in 32 bit mode. If your Mac has an earlier version of Mac OS X v10.4, upgrade your computer's operating system using Apple Downloads or Software Update.

Important: The Apple USB modem is not supported with OS X Lion or later.

Can I use the Apple USB modem if my Macintosh already has an internal modem?

Yes, but you can only use one modem at a time. Make sure you've selected External Modem in the Internet Connect application if you want to use your Apple USB modem instead of your computer's internal modem. The Apple USB modem's preferences can be seen in the Network pane of System Preferences. From the Show menu, select External Modem.

Does the Apple USB modem work on Windows machines?

The Apple USB Modem is not supported on computers running any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Will the Apple USB modem work when attached to the USB port of an ADC display or when attached to an external USB hub?

It is not recommended to attach the Apple USB modem to the USB port of an ADC display or to an external USB hub. This modem works most reliably when connected directly to your computer.

How fast does the Apple USB modem operate?

The Apple USB modem's maximum speed is 56 kilobits per second (kbps) for data transmission and 14.4kbps for FAX. The speed the modem operates at depends greatly on the quality of the phone line transmission, so speeds may vary.

What standards does the Apple USB modem support?

The Apple USB modem is K56 Flex compliant, and supports the V.92 protocol, supporting caller ID (if enabled on the phone line), wake on ring, and telephone answering (V.253) on hold.

Compatible ISP and telephone services required.Your ISP may not support all V.92 features. Modem will function according to V.90 standards if V.92 services are not available.

What comes in the Apple USB modem box?

The box contains an Apple USB Modem with built-in 4.6-inch USB cable and a User Guide.

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