About Beats noise cancellation and noise isolation

Passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation work in different ways to block ambient noise.

Passive noise isolation

Noise-isolating earphones and headphones block out ambient sounds physically. Adjustable-fit ear tips on earphones and extra ear cup padding on headphones minimise unwanted external noise. These barriers also help prevent people around you from hearing your music.

Active noise cancellation

Beats' active noise cancellation, also called Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation (Pure ANC), reduces ambient sounds digitally. Internal and external microphones on your headphones measure unwanted ambient noise, and internal circuitry generates sound at a frequency that cancels it out. Active noise cancellation is enabled by default whenever you turn on headphones that have this feature.

Beats' Pure ANC uses advanced algorithms to monitor the sounds around you in order to fine-tune the frequency and level of noise cancellation to match your environment. Pure ANC also evaluates fit and adjusts the intensity of noise cancellation to account for any noise that gets past the passive seal of your ear cups. This can be caused by hair, glasses, ear shape, head movement and many other physical factors. Finally, Pure ANC compares the original audio file to the audio that has noise cancelling added, and removes any noticeable artifacts or discrepancies.

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