The Apple News window with the sidebar on the left and Top Stories on the right.

All the news in one place

Apple News collects and organizes stories from a wide range of publications (called channels) and topics. It’s easy to see what’s there—from breaking news to travel videos to summer recipes—and stay informed.

How to explore channels, topics, and stories

The sidebar in the Apple News window showing followed channels and topics, with a followed channel selected in the sidebar and a story from the channel on the right.

Personalize your news

You can follow your favorite channels and topics in Apple News to make sure you see their stories, and discover new ones that look interesting. The Today feed highlights select stories from the channels and topics you follow.

How to follow channels and topics

The Apple News window showing the Save Story command selected in the Share button menu.

Don’t let a good story get away

Save stories that touched you or that you don’t have time to read now, to enjoy again or read later in Apple News—even when you’re not connected to the internet.

How to save stories

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