Logic Pro/Express : Startup modifier keys for troubleshooting

Sometimes Logic may stop responding or quit unexpectedly when you open it.

By holding down modifier keys while you open the application, you can put Logic Pro or Logic Express into one of several troubleshooting modes. To do this, go to your Applications folder, double-click the Logic icon, then hold down the respective modifier key(s) from the table below until a dialog appears or Logic is fully loaded.

Modifier key(s) Description Purpose
Control Start without Audio This can be helpful to rule out issues with a specific Core Audio driver. In some cases, Logic may stop responding or quit unexpectedly while initializing the Core Audio driver. In these cases, start Logic Pro or Logic Express without Audio. If needed, turn on Built-In Audio for the troubleshooting.
Shift-Control AU-Safe Mode This will only load Audio Units that have passed the Audio Units Validation Tool which is automatically launched on the very first startup of Logic. If you have enabled Audio Units that did not pass this test, you may experience unexpected quitting or misbehavior. With this option, you may revert Logic Pro or Logic Express to a stable state.
Option Start without Autoload/Template/LastRecent This will start Logic Pro or Logic Express without loading a Template, Autoload, or last-opened project. This can be useful for troubleshooting any kind of issue since it excludes the possibility that an issue is specific to or caused by the currently loaded project. Choosing File > New with the Option Key held down will load an empty default project for troubleshooting.
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