If Logic Pro for Mac hangs after updating

Opening Logic Pro after updating from Logic Pro 10.5 or earlier might take longer than you expect. That's because Logic Pro 10.5.1 and later include performance optimizations for Audio Units compatibility.

Logic Pro scans your plug-ins the first time it opens after updating. This scan must complete before Logic Pro can open.

  • If you have many third-party plug-ins, the scan can take 10 minutes or more.

  • If the scan detects an issue with any of your plug-ins, Logic Pro might suspend the scan or stop responding.

If you feel that you've waited long enough to know that the scan isn't progressing or that Logic Pro has stopped responding, try these solutions:

  • Open Mission Control to see an overview of all open windows on your Mac, including any alerts related to your plug-ins. For example, you might reveal an alert that a demo period has expired or that you need to connect a USB license dongle. Click any such alerts in Mission Control, then respond to each alert so that the scan can continue.

  • Force Logic Pro to quit, then make sure that all of your plug-ins are up to date. Remove any incompatible plug-ins before opening Logic Pro again. Apple doesn't recommend attempting to make a 32-bit plug-in compatible by using any third-party 64-bit wrapper.

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