Learn about managed software updates

Mobile device management (MDM) administrators can delay system software updates on supervised macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices.

Learn how managed updates work

In macOS 10.13 or later, iOS 11.3 or later, and tvOS 12.2 or later, an MDM administrator can delay when new software updates appear on supervised devices.

If an administrator delays a software update in iOS or macOS, you'll see a message that your device is running the latest software update allowed by your administrator.

In tvOS, you'll see a message that your Apple TV is up to date.

Learn what to do when updates appear

Administrators can delay when new system software updates appear on supervised devices for up to 90 days. This helps your organization test critical apps and infrastructure with a new update before deploying it.

Administrators can also remotely install an iOS update on your device. If your device uses a passcode, you'll be asked to enter it before a remote update can be installed.

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