macOS High Sierra

Sound category

Use the Sound category in VoiceOver Utility to set options related to sound effects and positional audio.

To open VoiceOver Utility, press Command-F5 to turn VoiceOver on, then press VO-F8.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

Mute sound effects

Turn off VoiceOver sound effects. This option doesn’t affect VoiceOver speech or the audio of other apps.

Enable audio ducking

By default, the volume of audio content, such as a podcast or music, is appropriately reduced whenever VoiceOver speaks. To turn this feature off, deselect the checkbox.

Enable positional audio

Add audio cues that help you locate items on the screen. The cues play in stereo; you need earbuds or stereo headphones, or standard stereo speakers, to hear the cues. Positional audio is on by default.

Output Device

Click the pop-up menu, then choose the device you want to use to output sounds. This option is most useful if you have an audio output device, such as headphones or speakers, connected to your Mac.