macOS High Sierra

Create custom labels

Create or rename the label for user interface elements (such as images, buttons, tables, scroll areas, and more) and for links. You can export your custom labels to a file to share with other users.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  1. Position the VoiceOver cursor on the element or link for which you want to create a label.

  2. Press VO-/.

  3. In the dialog that’s displayed, type the label you want to use, then press Return.

When you create a custom label, VoiceOver associates pertinent information about the element or link and its location with your label. If the element or link changes in a significant way, such as moving to a new location, VoiceOver may not recognize it as the same element or link. If this happens, re-create the custom label.

You can’t create labels for toolbars or groups.

When you import a preference file that contains custom labels, VoiceOver merges those labels with your current set of custom labels.