Find out how to send your Beats headphones to Apple using Express Replacement Service

Prepare your Beats headphones for packing and sending to Apple.

After you've contacted Apple about a service, you'll receive a replacement product with instructions to return your original product to Apple. Instructions may vary by country or region. 

Important: Make sure you return your product so that Apple receives it within 10 days of the date your replacement product was sent to you by Apple (check your dispatch date). If Apple doesn't receive your original product within 10 days, or if Apple technicians find that your original product is ineligible for service or it has issues that are not covered by an active AppleCare+ plan, you'll be charged the full value of the replacement product. For more details, see Beats Express Replacement ServiceERS terms and conditions for service covered by Apple's Limited Warranty, ERS terms and conditions for service covered by an AppleCare plan, or ERS terms and conditions for service not covered by Apple's Limited Warranty, an AppleCare plan or consumer law.

Follow these steps to prepare your Beats headphones:

Customers in Japan should proceed to the Ship your Beats headphones to Apple section for the Asia-Pacific region.

  1. Place your headphones inside the drawstring bag. Don't include any accessories with your headphones (including cables, carabiners or carrying cases). If you include extra items in the box, we won't be able to return them to you.
  2. Pull the drawstrings on the bag to close it.
  3. Place the drawstring bag into the white box.
  4. Put the lid on the white box.
  5. Place the white box in the brown delivery box and close it.
  6. Seal the box with tape and send the box to Apple.* If there is a battery sticker pasted on the outside of the box, please make sure the battery sticker is not obstructed.

* Apple is not responsible for any damage sustained during delivery.

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