Use the touch controls on HomePod

Learn how to use the touch controls on HomePod and what the different status lights on the top of HomePod mean.

Use the touch controls

With just a tap, you can control playback, use Siri, and more on HomePod. Here's how:


Use Siri
Press the top of HomePod until you see a multicolored light, then ask your question.

Adjust the volume
During playback, tap + or - on the top of HomePod.

Pause and play
Tap the top of HomePod to pause playback. Tap it again to resume.

Go to the next track
Double-tap the top of HomePod to skip the song that’s currently playing.

Go to the previous track
While you’re listening to a playlist or an album, triple-tap the top of HomePod.

Dismiss an alarm
Tap anywhere on the top of HomePod.


Identify status lights

Status lights appear on the top of HomePod and change colors depending on what you're doing on HomePod. Here's what you might see:

White spinning light
HomePod is turning on or updating the software.


White pulsing light
HomePod is ready to be set up or an alarm or timer is going off.


Multicolored spinning light
Siri is listening.


Volume controls
Tap the top of HomePod to adjust the volume.


Green pulsing light
You transferred a phone call to HomePod.


Red spinning light
You're resetting HomePod.


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