Buy an AppleCare plan for your device

Most Apple devices come with a limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. If your device is eligible, you can buy an AppleCare+ plan or an AppleCare Protection Plan for additional coverage.

Buy an AppleCare plan online

There are two ways to buy an AppleCare plan online:

  • Enter the serial number for your device to find out what AppleCare plan you can buy.
  • Sign in to My Support to view all of your Apple devices that are eligible for an AppleCare plan. You should see the option to buy an AppleCare plan listed under the eligible device.

Get help if you can't buy an AppleCare plan

If you see that your device is eligible for an AppleCare plan but don't have the option to buy, contact Apple Support.

Learn more about AppleCare products.

Apple's Limited Warranty and AppleCare plan benefits are in addition to your consumer law rights. Not all products and buying options are available in all countries or regions.

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