Replace Camel Audio plug-ins with Logic Pro for Mac versions

Alchemy, Phat FX, and Step FX expand upon technologies previously used in Camel Audio Alchemy, CamelPhat, CamelCrusher, and CamelSpace.

If you've been using Camel Audio plug-ins, you can switch to the Logic Pro versions of the plug-ins:

  • Use Logic Pro Alchemy instead of Camel Audio Alchemy.

  • Use Phat FX instead of CamelPhat and CamelCrusher (both CamelPhat and CamelCrusher settings are transferred to PhatFX).

  • Use Step FX instead of CamelSpace.

When you switch from the Camel Audio versions, the Logic Pro versions retain your settings. You can switch automatically or manually.

Automatically switch to the Logic Pro versions

Logic Pro can automatically replace Camel Audio plug-ins with its Logic pro version equivalent. If you open a project that has a Camel Audio plug-in that isn't installed on your Mac, click Replace All in the dialog that appears. The existing settings also transfer to the Logic Pro version of the plug-in.

Manually switch to the Logic Pro versions

  1. In Logic Pro, select the track with the Camel Audio plug-in.

  2. In the channel strip for the selected track, place the pointer over the Instrument or Audio FX slot containing the plug-in, then click the pop-up menu arrows that appear to the right.

  3. Choose the appropriate Logic Pro version of the plug-in:

    • Choose Alchemy from the top level of the menu.

    • Choose Phat FX or Step FX from the Multi Effects menu.

Access legacy Camel Audio Alchemy presets

If you created presets with the Camel Audio version of Alchemy, you can access them within the browser of the Logic Pro version.

  1. Make sure your legacy Camel Audio Alchemy presets are located at this location on your Mac: /Library/Application Support/Camel Audio/Alchemy/Presets.

  2. In the Alchemy plug-in window in Logic Pro, click Browse, then select Sound Library from either pop-up menu above one of the last two columns.

  3. Select the Legacy Content checkbox. You can now access your legacy presets in the Logic Pro Alchemy browser.

Because of updates to Logic Pro Alchemy, Phat FX and Step FX controls and features, patches might not sound exactly the same as they did in the Camel Audio versions. Also, automation doesn't carry over to the Logic Pro versions.
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