Adjust plug-ins with VoiceOver in Logic Pro for Mac and MainStage

Use controls view in effect and instrument plug-ins to access all controls with VoiceOver.

In Logic Pro and MainStage, you can view the controls for effect and software instrument plug-ins as a list for full VoiceOver access.

  1. In the plug-in window in Logic Pro or MainStage, navigate to the View menu.

  2. Activate the View menu, use the Down Arrow key to select Controls from the View menu, then press Enter to switch to controls view.

  3. Use standard VoiceOver navigation to access individual parameters in controls view. Parameters available for editing depend on the effect or software instrument you’re editing.

You can set Logic Pro or Mainstage so plug-ins always open in controls view. Choose Logic Pro or Mainstage from the menu bar, then choose Preferences > Display. Click Mixer, then select "Open in controls view."

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