Share 360º video in Compressor 4.4

Export your 360° video in a wide range of formats and frame sizes, then save to your Mac or share on the web.

Compressor includes built-in settings that you can use to transcode video files into the most common media formats, including monoscopic and stereoscopic 360º files. When you’re ready to share your Final Cut Pro X or Motion 360º project, you can use pre-built destinations in Compressor, or create your own. These pre-built destinations make it easy to share your 360º project to a variety of platforms, including websites that support 360º video such as YouTube’s VR channel, Facebook 360, and Vimeo 360, as well as your Mac.

Import 360º source files into Compressor

To get started, choose File > Add File (or click Add File), locate and select your source files, then click Add. An equirectangular view of your 360º source file appears in the preview area. An equirectangular image looks like a world map that depicts the globe as a two-dimensional (2D) rectangle.

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In the preview, you can playback, scrub, zoom in and out, and scroll to see details of your file.

Your source file also appears in the batch area below the preview. You can add multiple source files to the batch area, and process them simultaneously. 

Assign 360º metadata

After you’ve imported source files into Compressor, check and if necessary adjust the metadata of the source file. For 360° video to display correctly in VR headsets and on sharing platforms, the video must contain special instructions called spatial metadata

On import, Compressor automatically detects the metadata in the file, and displays it in the Job inspector. On export, Compressor automatically assigns the correct metadata based on the destination you’ve selected for the source file.

If required, you can adjust the source file metadata in the Inspector. In the batch area, select the source file. If the 360° Metadata area is collapsed, move the pointer to the right of the heading, then click Show. Select the “Include 360º metadata” checkbox. You can then adjust the metadata, and set any other properties as necessary. Learn more about assigning the metadata for your 360º file.

Add settings and share your video

For basic transcoding jobs, you can use the built-in settings and destinations that come with Compressor. Choose View > Settings, then select one or more transcode settings or destinations from the list, as follows:

  • Click Disclosure trianglenext to  to view the settings in a group. A setting is composed of preconfigured transcoding instructions that you apply to your source media file. To encode 360º video, make sure to use one of these settings: Apple DevicesMPEG-4, or QuickTime Movie.
  • ClickDisclosure trianglenext to  to view the destinations in a group. A destination is one or more settings combined with an automated job action that Compressor performs after transcoding, such as uploading your file to YouTube.

When you've found the setting or destination you want, drag the setting or destination to the file in the batch area.

If you have complex or custom transcoding specifications, you can make adjustments to the built-in settings and destinations in a number of ways:

  • For a custom transcoding job that you will use only once, apply a built-in setting or destination, select the setting or destination in the batch area, then modify its properties in the Inspector.
  • For a custom transcoding job that you will use more than once, create a custom setting or a custom destination.

If you're publishing to video sharing websites, make sure you've entered your account information before you start the batch. 

  1. In the batch area, select the source file.
  2. In the Action section of Job Inspector, click the "When done" pop-u, then choose the service you're publishing to. 
  3. Enter your account information and any other information, like the Title, Description, and Tags.

When you're ready to share your video, click Start Batch.

This image was acquired from Getty Images, Inc. All rights reserved. 

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