Use Round Robin and the Velocity Editor in the MainStage Auto Sampler

Learn how to create more realistic, expressive sampler instruments in the Auto Sampler in MainStage 3.3.

The MainStage Auto Sampler makes it easy to create your own custom instruments for the EXS24 mkII sampler. You can then use your custom instruments in MainStage and Logic Pro X. The Round Robin and the Velocity Editor features in the MainStage 3.3 Auto Sampler can help you create more dynamic sampler instruments.

Round Robin

If the sample source provides sound variations you want to include in the instrument, use Round Robin to capture up to eight of these variations per note. In the Auto Sampler, select the number of variations you wish to create by clicking the Round Robin pop-up menu.

When you consecutively play a note on the instrument in the sampler, the variations captured in the Auto Sampler allow for a more expressive, natural sounding performances. 

Velocity Editor

You can use the Velocity Editor to customize velocity layers when sampling a source. Hold the pointer over either the Velocity Layers or Velocity Response pop-up menu to view the editor in the bottom of the window.

Above, the editor shows 5 layers, with a standard linear response. Each velocity is shown as a horizontal blue line, with its velocity displayed. Drag the lines up or down to adjust their velocities.

When you've manually adjusted one or more velocity layer, the Velocity Response menu displays Custom.

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