Apple Watch Express Replacement Service

Replace your Apple Watch quickly with AppleCare+

What is the Express Replacement Service?

The Express Replacement Service is a benefit of your AppleCare+ cover. It’s available exclusively through AppleCare+. If your Apple Watch is eligible, we can send you a replacement before you return your original product to us. We'll include packaging to return your product.

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How much does the Express Replacement Service cost?

If you order the Express Replacement Service through your AppleCare+ plan, there’s no fee for the express delivery. Any fees you might pay will be for the replacement Apple Watch. 

Some issues might be covered under the Apple Limited WarrantyAppleCare+ or consumer law, in which case there’s no fee to replace your product. If your Apple Watch has accidental damage, you’ll pay an AppleCare+ excess fee, as shown below. 

Model AppleCare+ excess fee
Apple Watch and Apple Nike+ £ 49
Apple Watch Hermès, Apple Watch Edition £ 55 

If you’ve already used both incidents of accidental damage that come with AppleCare+, you’ll pay an out-of-warranty fee for your replacement, as shown on our pricing page. 

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How do I return my original product?

We’ll send your replacement Apple Watch with delivery materials and instructions. Your replacement will have factory settings. Return your original Apple Watch to us within 10 business days of your request to avoid paying the full replacement value.

Before you return your Apple Watch to us, make sure that you

  • Charge your Apple Watch.
  • Unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone.
  • Remove your band and keep it along with your charging cable and other accessories. You’ll need these after your Apple Watch service.
  • Make sure you know your Apple ID and password.

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What are the charges on my credit card?

When you request the Express Replacement Service, we put a temporary authorisation on your credit card to cover the full replacement value of your product. This authorisation will expire if:

  • Your repair is covered under warranty, AppleCare+ or consumer law. Depending on the issue and your cover, you might still need to pay an out-of-warranty or excess fee, and;
  • We receive your original product within 10 business days
  • Your original device does not have severe damage or unauthorised modifications

Replacement value fees – United Kingdom

When we send you a replacement Apple Watch through Express Replacement Service, you need to return your originally purchased product to us within 10 business days. If we don’t receive it after 10 days, we'll charge you the full replacement value, as shown below. 

If we receive your Apple Watch and find that it was severely damaged in an accident or it's inoperable after unauthorised modifications, you’ll pay the full replacement value.

Apple Watch Series 5 replacement value fees

Apple Watch Series 5 Replacement value
  40mm 44mm
Aluminium (GPS) £ 399 £ 429
Nike (GPS) £ 399 £ 429
Aluminium (GPS+Cellular) £ 499 £ 529
Nike (GPS+Cellular) £ 499 £ 529
Stainless Steel (GPS+Cellular) £ 699 £ 749
Hermès  £ 1,249 £ 1,299
Edition (Titanium)  £ 799 £ 849
Edition (Ceramic)  £ 1,299 £ 1,349

Apple Watch Series 4 replacement value fees

Apple Watch Series 4 Replacement value
  40mm 44mm
Aluminium (GPS) £ 349 £ 379
Nike (GPS) £ 349 £ 379
Aluminium (GPS+Cellular) £ 449 £ 479
Nike (GPS+Cellular) £ 449 £ 479
Stainless Steel (GPS+Cellular) £ 629 £ 679
Hermès  £ 1,199 £ 1,249

Apple Watch Series 3 replacement value fees

Apple Watch Series 3 Replacement value
  38mm 42mm
Aluminium (GPS) £ 199 £ 229
Nike+ (GPS) £ 199 £ 229
Aluminium (GPS+Cellular) £ 299 £ 329
Nike+ (GPS+Cellular) £ 299 £ 329
Stainless Steel (GPS+Cellular) £ 549 £ 599
Hermès  £ 1,149 £ 1,199
Edition (Ceramic)  £ 1,249 £ 1,299

Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 replacement value fees (2nd generation)

Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 (2nd generation) Replacement value
  38mm 42mm
Aluminium (Series 1) £ 199 £ 229
Aluminium (Series 2) £ 279 £ 299
Nike+ (Series 2) £ 279 £ 299
Stainless Steel (Series 2) £ 479 £ 499
Hermès  £ 1,079 £ 1,129
Edition (White Ceramic)  £ 1,129 £ 1,149

Apple Watch replacement value fees (1st generation)

Apple Watch (1st generation) Replacement value
  38mm 42mm
Sport £ 185 £ 229
Apple Watch £ 429 £ 479
Hermès  £ 1,029 £ 1,079
Edition  £ 7,449 £ 9,329

Fees are in British pound sterling and include VAT. Your replacement Apple Watch will be new or equivalent to new. Apple reserves the right to change the replacement value on this web page from time to time.

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