macOS High Sierra

Order a book, card, or calendar

After you check spelling and carefully review all project pages, you’re ready to order professionally printed copies of your project. You can order as many copies as you want and send them to friends and family.

Open Photos for me

  1. Click a project in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Buy button at the top of the window.

  3. Click Add Shipping Address, then select a shipping address under Ship To or click New to enter a new one.

    You can add as many addresses for recipients as you want.

  4. Click Place Order.

  5. Enter your Apple ID and password and click Sign In.

  6. If this is the first time you’ve purchased a print order, you may be asked to enter the security code for your credit card. For more information, see Pay for a print order with a credit card.

    Note: If you sign in with an Apple ID that has two-step verification turned on, you are asked to enter a 4-digit code that is automatically sent to you in a text message.

    A message appears confirming your order and informing you of the expected delivery date.

Note: If you want to use a different credit card than the one associated with your Apple ID, or if you want to edit your credit card information, choose Photos > Print Product Store Account, then click “Change your default shipping or billing info for an order.”