About Xsan in macOS Server 5.11.1 and macOS Server 5.12

With the Xsan command-line management tools built into macOS Big Sur and later, you no longer need macOS Server to create and administer Xsan storage networks. 

To create and administer Xsan storage networks, you can use the xsanctl command-line tool built into macOS Big Sur and later. It supports the latest Xsan features and is compatible with Quantum StorNext 7. For more information about this tool, enter man xsanctl in Terminal.

In macOS Server 5.11.1, the Xsan configuration interface is hidden in new installations of macOS Server, but continues to work normally for upgrade installations.

The Xsan configuration interface has been removed from macOS Server 5.12. To find out more about migrating to the new tools, consult the Xsan Management Guide (PDF).

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