Use a custom-made Drum Machine Designer kit on another Mac

If you have created a Drum Machine Designer kit in Logic Pro using your own samples, you can save the kit and use it on another Mac.

A Drum Machine Designer kit is made up of the samples in the kit, plus a PATCH file that stores the kit's pad assignments and other settings. You can save these components, then copy them to another Mac for use with Logic Pro 10.5 or later. You can transfer these components to the other Mac by email, or using an external drive, iCloud Drive, AirDrop or other third-party cloud services.

Save your kit's settings as a PATCH file

  1. Open the Logic Pro project with the custom-made kit you want to save.
  2. To open the Drum Machine Designer window, click DMD in the Instrument slot of the channel strip.
  3. Select the kit name pad at the top of the Drum Machine Designer window, where the name of the track appears. This ensures you save the complete kit as a patch.
    If you just have a kit pad selected, the according kit piece will only be saved as a patch.
  4. If necessary, click the Library button.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the Library, then enter a name for your custom-made kit. To make sure your custom-made kit appears in the User Patches folder in the Library, save it to this location in your Home folder: ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Patches/Instrument.
  6. Click Save in the Save dialogue.
  7. Go to ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Patches/Instrument/, then copy the PATCH file to the other Mac.

Save your kit's samples

  1. Create a new empty project with a new Software Instrument track.
  2. Select the track, then choose your custom-made kit from the User Patches folder in the Library.
  3. Choose File > Save.
  4. In the Save dialogue, select "Folder" to save your project as a folder, select "Sampler audio data", enter a name and choose a location for the project, then click Save.
  5. In the Finder, open the folder you just created for your project. Locate the subfolder called Quick Sampler, which contains the samples that are used in your kit. 
  6. Copy the Quick Sampler folder to the other Mac. 

Rename and move folders on the other Mac

  1. On the other Mac, locate the Quick Sampler folder and the PATCH file.
  2. Rename the Quick Sampler folder with the same name you gave the PATCH file of your custom-made kit. For example, if your PATCH file is named MyDrumKit.patch, rename the Quick Sampler folder "MyDrumKit".
  3. In the Finder, move the PATCH file and the renamed folder to this location in the Home folder: ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Patches/Instrument/.

You can now load your custom-made DMD kit from the Library in any Logic Pro project.

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