Get help with subscriptions not billed through Apple

Learn which subscriptions are billed through the iTunes Store or App Store, and how to get help for subscriptions that aren't billed through Apple.

You might be billed for a recurring subscription through Apple or through another company, which is sometimes referred to as a "third-party subscription". If your credit, debit card, or bank statement lists iTunes or Apple, you can use your Apple device to view, change, or cancel your subscriptions.

You might have purchased some subscriptions through another company, including:

  • Content or services purchased through a website (streaming video and music services, dating apps, etc.).
  • Content or services purchased through an app on another company’s platform (like signing up for Netflix through the Google Play store).

Apple doesn't handle billing and membership changes for subscriptions that you purchased outside without using your Apple ID. Steps to change or cancel third-party subscriptions vary based on the app developer.

If you want to make changes or cancel third-party subscriptions, you might need to sign in to the company’s website.


Find out how you're being billed for your subscription

If you don’t remember how you signed up for a subscription or recurring payment you see on your bill, first check to see if you can manage that subscription with an Apple device

A recurring payment on your bill could also be for your or a family member's iCloud storage rather than a subscription. Learn how to manage your iCloud storage.

Check your bank, credit card or debit statement

Check your bank, credit card or debit statement for the recurring charge in question. These statements often list who the charge was from or the supplier.

  • If your statement lists iTunes Store, App Store, Apple or something similar, and you've been unable to view your subscriptions through the previous steps, contact Apple Support.
  • If your statement lists something else, the recurring charge is probably billed through another company. Statements often list the name of the company, such as Netflix or Pandora.
  • If your statement lists something else and you’re unable to find the company’s website or contact information, try contacting your financial institution to see if they know more about the recurring charge.

If you still can't find your subscription

If you don’t see the Subscriptions option in Settings, or you don’t see the name of your subscription inside the Subscriptions page, it might still be billed through the iTunes Store or App Store. 

Make sure to check other Apple IDs that might have your payment info associated with them. If you’re the organiser of Family Sharing, check to see if any family members have signed up for subscriptions. Those subscriptions (and all family purchases) will bill using your payment information. You can manage that subscription on the family member’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC or Apple TV.

Get help with third-party subscriptions

To change or cancel subscriptions billed through another company, you might need to sign in to that company’s website. You might also need to contact the content provider directly.

While specific steps to contact each company vary, use these general guidelines to find help:

  • To find a company’s website or contact information, try searching the Internet.
  • If you can find their matching app in the App Store, try to contact the app developer for help with purchases not billed through Apple.
  • For streaming video content on Apple TV, you can contact the content provider.

When you sign in to a company’s website to manage your subscription, make sure you use the username and password you have set up for that account. This might be different than the username and password for your Apple ID. If you have the company’s app on your device, check the settings to see if it lists the username or email you signed up for the service with. You might have to contact the content provider for help resetting your password if you don’t remember it.

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