Add and reply to comments in Pages, Numbers and Keynote

You can use comment threads to communicate with other participants about changes or suggested edits in your document, spreadsheet or presentation.

When creating or reviewing a document, you can add and reply to comments to communicate with others about your document without leaving Pages, Numbers or Keynote. Each person’s comment will appear in a unique colour and include the name of the person who entered the comment. You can also print your document with or without comments.

Add comments

You can quickly add a comment by selecting the text, cell, object or slide you want to comment on, then:

  • On your Mac, click the Comment button , enter your comment, then click Done.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, tap Comment in the menu that appears. You may need to tap  to see Comment. If you're commenting on a cell in Numbers, tap Cell action menu, then tap Add Comment. Enter your comment and tap Done.
    iPad Pro with Numbers document open and chart options visible

In the latest versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, anyone can reply to your comments. If you’re collaborating with others, comments and replies will appear in real time, so you don’t have to leave your document. 

To reply to a comment, view the comment, then click or tap Reply.

View comments

When a comment is available in Pages or Keynote, a yellow square will appear next to the content. In Numbers, a yellow triangle will appear in the corner of a cell. Here's how to view a comment: 

  • In Pages and Keynote for Mac, iPhone and iPad, click or tap the yellow square.
  • In Numbers for Mac, click the cell. In Numbers for iPhone and iPad, tap the cell, tap Cell action menu, then tap Show Comment.

To move to the next or previous comment in your document, click or tap the arrows in the comment.

Find out what to do if you're unable to view comments.

Edit comments

iPad Pro with Numbers document comments open

To edit your comment, open the comment and click or tap the part of the comment you want to edit. Click or tap Done to save your changes. If replies have been added to your comment, click the timestamp or tap the More button , then click or tap Edit Comment. You can only edit your own comments and replies.

Print comments

Find out how to print a document, spreadsheet or presentation to include any comments.

Print comments in Pages, Numbers and Keynote on your iPad or iPhone

  1. Tap the More button , then tap Print.
  2. Turn on comments:
    • In Pages, turn on Print Comments then tap Next.
    • In Numbers, tap the Print Settings button , turn on Comments, then tap Print.
    • In Keynote, tap Full Page Slide Layout or Slide Detail Layout, turn on Print Comments, then tap Next.
  3. Choose a printer and select the number of copies you want to print, then tap Print.

Print comments in Pages, Numbers and Keynote on your Mac

  1. Choose File > Print.
  2. Choose Pages, Numbers or Keynote in the pop-up menu that appears below the page selection controls.
    If you can't see the pop-up menu, click Show Details.
  3. Turn on comments:
    • In Pages or Numbers, select the Print comments tick box.
    • In Keynote, click the Slide layout, then select the Include comments tick box.
  4. Click Print.

Delete comments

To delete your comment, view the comment, then click or tap Delete. To delete a reply, click the timestamp or tap the More button , then click or tap Delete Reply.

Show and hide comments

If you are unable to see your comments, make sure you have set them to be shown in your application: 

  • On your Mac, click the View menu , then click Show Comments or Hide Comments. To view the comments pane, click the View menu , then click Show Comments Pane.
  • On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, tap the More button , tap Settings, then turn on Comments.
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