If your Alchemy window doesn't show presets

If the Alchemy window doesn't show presets, or if you see an alert when you insert an instance of Alchemy, follow these steps to resolve the issue.

Alchemy stores its settings in a database file at ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/Alchemy (where “~” is your user folder). 

If Alchemy can’t find or write to this file, then you may not see any presets in the Alchemy window, or you may see an alert that Alchemy can’t write to its database.

Make sure you have Read & Write access to the Alchemy folder

  1. From the toolbar, click File >Quit Logic Pro.
  2. In the Finder, go to ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/.
  3. Select the Alchemy folder.
  4. Press Command (⌘) + I to open the Info window for the folder.
  5. Click the lock at the bottom right-hand corner of the Info window. You may need to expand the Sharing & Permissions pane.
  6. Authenticate with your username and password if asked.
  7. Select your username in the list under Name. Make sure Privilege is set to Read & Write.
  8. Click the gear menu at the bottom of the window. Choose “Apply to enclosed items”.
  9. A dialogue might ask you to confirm this change. Press OK.
  10. Restart the computer.

Make sure the Alchemy folder is discoverable

If you want to store your Alchemy preset data in a different location, Alchemy supports using an alias or symlink to the Alchemy folder at ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Plug-In Settings/ in Logic Pro 10.2.2 or later. 

However, if the Alchemy content isn’t accessible because it was been moved, or its volume isn’t accessible, then the Alchemy window won’t show any presets. Make sure the volume where you’re storing the Alchemy data is connected, and that it hasn’t moved since the alias or link was created.

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