Use your Smart Keyboard with iPad Pro

Learn how to connect and use your Smart Keyboard. 

You need an iPad Pro to use the Smart Keyboard.

Connect to your iPad Pro

Connect your Smart Keyboard to your iPad Pro with the Smart Connector, which has three small, magnetic contacts. The Smart Connector is on the top edge of your Smart Keyboard and on the side of your iPad Pro.

Unlike Bluetooth keyboards, you don't need to pair or turn on your Smart Keyboard. Just make sure the keyboard is connected and in the Type position to use it.

Stand your iPad Pro

There are two ways you can fold your Smart Keyboard as a stand for your iPad Pro: 


Fold the Smart Keyboard into a triangle with the keyboard in front of your iPad Pro.


Fold the Smart Keyboard into a triangle with the keyboard tucked behind your iPad Pro.

To use the keyboard, your iPad Pro needs to be in the groove above the number keys and folded in the Type position.

Use keyboard shortcuts

There are multiple keyboard shortcuts that you can use to perform commands.

Most keyboard shortcuts use the Command ⌘ key, like a Mac. If you're more familiar with a PC keyboard, the Command ⌘ key does the same thing as the Control key on a PC.

Keyboard shortcuts

To see a list of shortcuts you can use with an app, press and hold the Command ⌘ key when you're using the app or on the Home screen.

Here are some common keyboard shortcuts:

  • Home button: Command-H 
  • Search: Command-Space
  • Switch apps: Command-Tab
  • Select All: Command-A
  • Cut: Command-X
  • Copy: Command-C
  • Paste: Command-V
  • Bold: Command-B
  • Italics: Command-I

Switch from your Smart Keyboard to software keyboard

You might need to use your software keyboard instead of the Smart Keyboard to do things like type accented characters or use dictation. To show the software keyboard, tap the down arrow key on your Smart Keyboard, then touch and hold  until the software keyboard appears. To hide the keyboard again, tap .

Learn more about using iOS keyboards.

Get help

If your iPad Pro doesn't detect your Smart Keyboard or you see an "Accessory not supported" alert on your iPad Pro, make sure there's no debris or plastic covering on the Smart Connector pins on the keyboard or the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro. Also, try these steps:

  1. Make sure that your iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard are in the Type position and that you have the latest version of iOS.
  2. Remove the Smart Keyboard from your iPad Pro.
  3. Restart your iPad Pro.
  4. Reconnect the Smart Keyboard.
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