If you can't remove your last payment method or use no payment method with your Apple ID

Learn why you can't use your Apple ID without a payment method in the App Store, iTunes Store and more.

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to create an Apple ID without entering payment information or remove your payment methods from an existing Apple ID.

In some cases, like if you're using an existing Apple ID with the App Store for the first time, you must provide payment information.

If you still can't use your Apple ID or create a new Apple ID without a payment method, try the following steps. You might be in one or more of the situations below. Be sure to check to see if you can use your Apple ID or create a new Apple ID without a payment method after trying each step.

If you're trying to remove your payment method because you have an unfamiliar charge on your financial statement, get help with identifying unfamiliar charges first.

View your subscriptions

If you have any active subscriptions, you must have at least one payment method on file other than Apple ID credit. If you want to continue enjoying your subscriptions, you can change your payment method. But if you want to remove all payment methods, you can cancel your subscriptions and/or downgrade your iCloud storage plan. Before you do this, you might want to make a backup of your devices without iCloud.

When your subscription period is over, try to remove your payment method again.


Turn off purchase sharing

When you set up Family Sharing, the Family Organiser must have a payment method on file for any purchases or subscriptions initiated by family members.

If you want to remove the payment method from your Apple ID and are the Family Organiser, turn off purchase sharing first: Go to Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing > Purchase Sharing. Tap Share My Purchases to turn off purchase sharing.


Change your country or region

If you're trying to create an Apple ID for a country or region you're not physically in or you're trying to change an existing Apple ID to a new country or region (if you moved), you must have a payment method on file that's valid in the new country or region.

You can't use gift cards or Apple ID balance as your payment method when you change your country or region.

Learn more about changing your Apple ID country or region. You can also remove your payment methods after you change your country or region.


Pay an unpaid balance

You can't remove a payment method if you have a balance due. Learn how to pay an unpaid balance or fix payment method issues.

After the unpaid balance is paid, you can remove your payment method.


Get more help

If you tried these steps and you still can’t remove your last payment method, or if you’re unable to remove a payment method, contact Apple Support.

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