Numbers for iCloud release notes

We’re frequently updating Numbers for iCloud. Updates are cumulative, so when you launch Numbers on, it has all of the latest features. You can see all of the features included with each release below.

June 2022

  • Create and edit pivot tables to quickly summarise, group and rearrange data to explore patterns and trends.

April 2022

  • Sort, filter and refresh pivot tables created on macOS, iPadOS or iOS.
  • Create a source data table for pivot table summary cells.

September 2021

  • View, style and add charts for pivot tables created on Mac, iPad or iPhone.
  • Use radar charts to visualise and compare multiple variables to show similarities and differences in your data. 
  • Find duplicate entries and unique values in your data with improved filters, and use redesigned Quick Filters to easily show or hide rows that match a specific value. 
  • Flexible collaboration allows participants to add others to a shared spreadsheet (requires iOS 15, iPadOS 15 or macOS Monterey).

June 2021

  • Link to web pages, email addresses and phone numbers from objects such as shapes, lines, images, drawings or text boxes.

September 2020

  • Enhance your spreadsheets with a variety of new, editable shapes.

July 2020

  • New functions, including XLOOKUP, XMATCH and REGEX, let you match patterns, manipulate text and create flexible formulas.
  • Add captions and titles easily to images, videos, shapes and other objects.
  • Format text as superscript or subscript, adjust capitalisation, change text background colour and more.

March 2020

  • Add a Numbers spreadsheet to a shared iCloud Drive folder to start collaborating automatically.
  • Use new keyboard shortcuts to select rows and columns quickly.
  • Apply a colour to the background of a sheet.
  • Open spreadsheets containing more rows and columns than ever before.
  • Easily access templates in a redesigned template chooser.
  • Add a drop cap to text in a shape.
  • Use new text layout options to add borders, paragraph backgrounds and columns.
  • Enhance your spreadsheets with a variety of new, editable shapes.
  • Use Unite, Intersect, Subtract and Exclude commands to create new shapes.
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