About Network Utility

The Network Utility app is included with your Mac. It provides information and tools to help you with your network.

Network Utility shows information about each of your network connections, including the hardware address of the interface, the IP addresses assigned to it, its speed and status, a count of data packets sent and received, and a count of transmission errors and collisions. 


These other tools are also included in Network Utility:

  • Netstat: Examine your computer’s network routing tables by viewing a detailed summary of packet types sent and received using common network protocols.
  • Ping: Test whether your computer can communicate with a computer or other device at a specific network address.
  • Lookup: View information provided by your Domain Name System (DNS) server.
  • Traceroute: Follow the path a message takes as it travels through the network from computer to computer.
  • Whois: Enter a domain address to look up its "whois" information from a whois server.
  • Finger: Enter a user name and domain address to use the Finger protocol to get information about the user.
  • Port Scan: Enter an Internet or IP address to scan for open TCP ports.

Find Network Utility using Spotlight or in these places on your Mac:

To learn more, open Network Utility and choose Help > Network Utility Help from the menu bar.

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