Create a NetBoot, NetInstall, or NetRestore image

Use System Image Utility or the imagetool command-line utility to create a network startup volume.

Use System Image utility

For details, review these Server help pages:

Use the imagetool utility from the command line

For information about using the imagetool utility, enter this command in the Terminal app:

/System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/System\ Image\

Learn more

  • If your Mac won't start up from a compatible version of macOS on your network volume, your Mac might require a specific build of that version
  • iMac Pro computers don't support starting up from network volumes.
  • To prevent a Mac from trying to start up from an incompatible network volume, use the Filter Computer Models workflow action with System Image Utility. Or select the image in the Server app, then click Edit to set filtering options.
Published Date:Mon Dec 18 17:32:36 GMT 2017