Beats: Executive functions

Using your Executives is as easy as the slide of a switch and press of a button – literally.

On again, off again

  • Slide the power switch to turn on the headphone and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

  • Slide it back to turn off your headphones.– look at you, saving batteries

ANC and audio

  1. Insert the straight end of the cable into the ear cup.

  2. Insert the L-shaped end of the cable into your device.

  3. Turn the headphones on.

The LED light will glow green if you have enough power or red if you need new batteries.


  • To mute audio and noise cancellation, press and hold the ‘b’ button on the right ear cup

  • Release to resume audio and/or noise cancellation

Muting ANC while continuing to play audio is not possible. To mute ANC, you must be in ANC-only mode or mute both audio and ANC.
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