Use your HomePod on an 802.1X Wi-Fi network

HomePod can connect to many campus or business 802.1X Wi-Fi networks. Learn which networks are supported and how to connect.

HomePod can join most 802.1X Wi-Fi networks. In iOS 15.4 and later, HomePod can also join captive networks that require additional sign-in steps, such as networks provided by hotels or dorms. If your 802.1X Wi-Fi network requires a unique identity certificate for each device, install a configuration profile to connect.


Check network requirements

Your HomePod can connect to 802.1X Wi-Fi networks that don't require a one-time password and use one of the following authentication types:

  • PEAP


Set up your HomePod

Before you can connect to an 802.1X Wi-Fi network, set up your HomePod on a home or personal Wi-Fi network, then update your HomePod and iOS device to the latest version of iOS.

Connect to an 802.1X Wi-Fi network

You can share the Wi-Fi configuration from your iPhone or iPad to your HomePod, or you can install a configuration profile to automatically connect.

Share the Wi-Fi configuration from your iPhone or iPad

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, connect to the 802.1X Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the Home app.
  3. Touch and hold HomePod. For stereo-paired HomePod speakers, tap Speakers, then touch and hold the individual HomePod.
  4. Scroll down and tap "Move HomePod to [network name]".
  5. Tap Done after your HomePod connects to the new network.

Use a profile to automatically connect

You can install a configuration profile that automatically connects HomePod to an 802.1X Wi-Fi network. Your network administrator can make a profile available from a website or an email message. Tap the profile on your iPhone or iPad, then choose your HomePod. If you don't see your HomePod, choose Other Devices, then choose your HomePod. Then, follow the prompts to complete installation.

Find your MAC address

On some Wi-Fi networks, your network administrator might require the Wi-Fi address of your HomePod in order to provide access. Here's how to find it:

  1. Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Touch and hold HomePod. For stereo-paired HomePod speakers, tap Speakers, then touch and hold the individual HomePod.
  3. Scroll down to find your Wi-Fi Address at the bottom.


If "some features may not work on this network" appears during setup

If you set up your HomePod and the message "some features may not work on this network" appears, you might be connected to a network with limited capability. 

HomePod stereo pair, Personal Requests, timers, HomePod as intercom, and home theater audio with HomePod and Apple TV aren't supported on networks that block peer-to-peer communication. If those features aren't available, contact your network administrator.


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