Aperture 3.3.2 or later: Best results with automatic white balance when adjusting photos of people

When shooting photos of people, getting the skin tones right is an important consideration. Aperture 3.3 offers a new Skin Tone white balance mode that can use the faces in your photos to correct the white balance.

The easiest way to adjust the color in photos that include faces is to let Aperture do it for you automatically using the Skin Tone white balance mode:

  1. Select an image that includes at least one face.
  2. In the White Balance Adjustment brick, click the Auto button.

Because Aperture can detect faces, it can automatically set the white balance to produce pleasing skin tones. Aperture also uses Skin Tone mode to adjust the white balance when you apply Auto Enhance to a photo that includes one or more detected faces.

If you use Auto white balance on an image with no detected faces, then Aperture uses either the Natural Gray or Temperature & Tint mode to calculate the white balance.


Note: Aperture 3.3 and 3.3.1 also used face detection to adjust white balance, but required that Faces be enabled for it to work with Auto white balance. With Aperture 3.3.2 this is no longer necessary.


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