How to connect the Apple USB SuperDrive

Find out which Mac computers can use the Apple USB SuperDrive and how to connect it.


Check compatibility

The Apple USB SuperDrive is compatible with Mac computers introduced in 2008 or later that don't have a built-in optical drive.

Connect your SuperDrive

To use your SuperDrive, connect it to a USB-A port on your Mac*, then insert a disc. Make sure that the aluminum enclosure of the SuperDrive is facing up.

To connect your SuperDrive to a Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, or USB-C port on your Mac, you can use one of these adapters:

Eject a disc

To eject a disc, click Finder in the Dock, then choose File > Eject. Or, if your keyboard has an eject key, press and hold the eject keykey.

* If your SuperDrive doesn't respond when connected to an external display or USB hub, connect your SuperDrive to a USB port directly on your Mac.

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