About your Beats eartips

Learn how to use and clean the eartips that come with your Beats earphones.

Select the right size

Beats earphones come with several sets of eartips. Choose the pair that's most comfortable and provides the best sound experience for you.

Insert or remove

If your earphones don't already have eartips attached, choose a set of eartips and attach them. Then gently insert the eartip into your ear. You can adjust the eartip until it feels secure.

To remove the eartip from your ear, twist the earphone gently and pull it away from your ear.

Clean your eartips

  1. Gently remove the eartips from the earphones. If you don't remove the eartips before you clean them, you might damage your earphones.

  2. Use warm water and mild soap on a damp cloth to remove dirt and earwax from the eartips. Don’t use harsh cleaning products.

  3. Rinse the soap away completely with warm water.

  4. Let your eartips air dry.

Before you put your eartips back on your earphones, make sure that the eartips are dry.

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