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Get started with your Apple Watch

Follow these simple steps to set up and start using your new watch.

Interact with your Apple Watch

Learn how to use the Digital Crown, side button, and other gestures.

Use Smart Stack

Get timely information at a glance from any watch face.

Before you sell, give away, or trade in your Apple Watch

Learn how to prepare your device to trade in and make sure the watch you’re buying is ready to use.

Health and wellness

Log your moods and emotions

Log how you feel in a day or in the moment to get insights on your mental wellbeing over time.

Heart health

Apple Watch can alert you to high or low heart rates, as well as irregular rhythms.

Your guide to Apple Watch

Learn how to customize your settings, track your activity and health, stay connected, and much more.


Tech Specs

Find the technical specifications for your Apple Watch's specific model.

Service and Repair

Learn about your service options, warranty, and pricing.

Apple Communities

Find answers, ask questions, and connect with other Apple users.

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We can help you find the best support options.